Top 10 Best Shuffleboard Powder and Wax

Shuffleboard table is a fantastic table game that can make your spare time memorable and exciting. You can play it in your home game room with a shuffleboard table and shuffleboard pucks. Another vital thing that is required for enjoying this game is shuffleboard wax.

Like shuffleboard tables and shuffleboard pucks, shuffleboard wax also comes in a wide variety. If you are a shuffleboard table enthusiast and want to learn about shuffleboard powder, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you a lot of things about shuffleboard powder and shuffleboard wax, so stick to the article till the end.

Shuffleboard Table Wax

shuffleboard wax

The name “shuffleboard table wax” is quite an unusual term. Most people at first think it might be some kind of wax. But in reality, it’s a powder that is sprinkled on the shuffleboard tables for smooth gliding of shuffleboard pucks. Shuffleboard table wax is silicone balls that reduce the friction of the shuffleboard table’s surface and increase the speed of the shuffleboard pucks.

It has a significant impact on the game, as it controls the speed and friction of the shuffleboard table. The whole shuffleboard table game depends on how smoothly the pucks move. If the surface is rough, the pucks will not slide smoothly. Shuffleboard wax act as ball bearings during the game and helps the pucks to move without any hindrance.

What is Shuffleboard Powder?

Shuffleboard powder and shuffleboard wax are the same things. There is no difference between the two. As shuffleboard wax is in the form of a powder, it is also termed shuffleboard powder. It is also known as shuffleboard sand, shuffleboard cheese, shuffleboard salt, shuffleboard dust, and speed powder.

What is Shuffleboard Powder made of?

A long time ago, shuffleboard powder was made of sawdust. But today different materials are used for its manufacturing.

Commonly, shuffleboard wax is made of dried silicone beads. Silicone beads are rounded point-size miniature balls. They act as ball bearings on the shuffleboard table surface, reduce the coefficient of friction of the body, and increase the pucks’ speed.

Shuffleboard wax is also made from a combination of silicone and cornmeal. Some shuffleboard powders also contain ground walnut shells. Some shuffleboard table enthusiasts use a variety of different shuffleboard powders to have a better experience.

How to Apply Shuffleboard Powder?

Applying shuffleboard powder is not a challenging task. But you have to follow some steps before shuffleboard powder application.

Step # 01

Firstly, clean the dirt and the previous wax with a shuffleboard brush or a towel. For cleaning a shuffleboard table, make a mixture of vinegar and water. You can also add a few drops of olive oil or wood polish to the mix of water and vinegar. Now dip the towel in it and wipe the dirt and existing wax from the table.

Step # 02

For the next step, you need a silicone spray. Spray it on the entire surface of the shuffleboard table in a comprehensive manner. Let the spray sit then wipe the extra spray by using a towel. Keep in mind, to use a silicone spray that is designed explicitly for the shuffleboard tables. Other silicone sprays can damage the surface of the shuffleboard, instead of improving it.

Step # 03

Finally, your shuffleboard table is ready. Now you can add shuffleboard powder to the surface of the table.

How to Wax a Shuffleboard Table?

Waxing a shuffleboard table is relatively easy. All types of shuffleboard powders are sprinkled in the same manner. There is no particular method for applying shuffleboard wax on the shuffleboard table. Just spread the shuffleboard wax evenly all over the table. Shuffleboard wax comes in containers that have holes for conveniently sprinkling it across the table.

Apply a little amount of shuffleboard powder and test it. You can add more wax according to the requirement. Applying the shuffleboard wax this way can also save your wax from getting wasted.

Adding shuffleboard powder in an adequate quantity is extremely important. The excessive powder can make the pucks too fast to handle the pucks’ direction, and players can’t achieve their targets quickly. Less shuffleboard wax can make it hard for the players to push the pucks far away.  The excess and low quantity of shuffleboard powder can ruin your shuffleboard table experience, so always keep in mind to sprinkle an adequate of it.

How to Wax a Shuffleboard?

Like on a shuffleboard table, you also have to follow some steps before pouring the wax on the shuffleboard.

Step # 01: Cleaning

In the first step, clean the shuffleboard to remove stains and dirt from the floor. Using a power washer for this purpose can be the best choice. The power washer removes all stains.

If the stain and dirt do not remove, apply Muriatic acid. While using this acid, keep in mind to dilute it. Add 01 part of acid in 04 parts of water and don’t forget to protect your eyes and hands. Always use gloves and eyewear while dealing with acid. Apply the solution of Muriatic acid and water by using a cloth. Now when all the dirt removes, rinse the court with water by using a hose.

Step # 02: Refinishing

For refinishing, the court must be dry. Apply the shuffleboard stripper according to the instructions. Let the court dry before the further procedure. When the stripper gets dry, apply 1 to 2 coats of concrete sealer. Allow the sealer to dry for about 45 minutes.

Step # 03: Waxing

When the sealer dries, sprinkle shuffleboard wax across the entire court of the shuffleboard. Apply enough amount of wax so that the discs could slide smoothly.

Shuffleboard Waxes

Shuffleboard powders are categorized based on the speed rating system. The speed rating varies from 1 to 7. Shuffleboard wax with a speed rating of 1 is the fastest. The speed decreases with the speed rating. Wax having a speed rating of 3 has medium speed while the 7-speed rating offers the slowest pace.

Here we have reviewed the best shuffleboard powders for you. You can choose a perfect shuffleboard wax for your table from our list.

1. Sun-Glo # 1 Shuffleboard Powder Waxes

This shuffleboard wax offers the fastest speed. It helps the pucks to move with maximum speed. Sun-Glo # 1 shuffleboard powder wax pack offers two containers, each of 16 oz. It is sufficient for home-usage. The container is portable so that you can carry it conveniently.

The containers have a shaker top that allows the user to sprinkle the wax with ease. It will enable the user to spread the wax equally across the shuffleboard table’s surface, and you can save your wax from getting wasted.

Sun-Glo # 1 is made of pure silicone ball beads. Silicone ball beads reduce the friction for the pucks so that they can be directed easily anywhere. It would work great if the surface of your shuffleboard is not too smooth.

Sun-Glo # 1 offers the maximum speed among all the Shun-Glo shuffleboard powders. A very little quantity can work well to move the pucks.

But while using it, keep in mind that it is meant only for the shuffleboard table. It is not meant for outdoor shuffleboard, carom, or other table games. This shuffleboard wax works well, but some users complained that it got clumped easily.


  • It is manufactured of silicone ball bearings.
  • Have the fastest speed among all the Sun-Glo shuffleboard waxes.
  • Comes with two cans of 16 oz.
  • The price is affordable.


  • This shuffleboard wax often gets clumped and tracked.

2. Sun-Glo1.5 Seed Pro Series Shuffleboard Powder Wax

This shuffleboard wax offers the second-fastest speed in the speed rating system and is perfect for professional usage. It provides accurate movement of the pucks on the playfield. It also allows the players to control the direction as well as the speed of the pucks precisely. It is one of the best shuffleboard powder wax that can be used for professional competitions and tournaments.

This product contains ground nuts and nut products and other ingredients that keep your playfield smooth and glossy. It is specially meant for professional players for a competitive and consistent game. Its one can contain 16oz wax that is more than enough if you want it for home use.

This Sun-Glo shuffleboard wax is moisture-proof, and you don’t need to worry about the climatic humidity anymore. You can store it anywhere without any tension. You can purchase this great wax at an affordable price. You can buy it, even if you have a low budget.

The product has incredible specifications, but the packaging of the product is not so impressive. Except for this, all other features are excellent.


  • It is a professional-grade shuffleboard wax.
  • Provide second-fastest speed to the pucks.
  • It is moisture-proof, so don’t need to worry about saving it from the humidity.
  • The price is affordable.


  • The packaging of this shuffleboard is not good.

3. Twin Pack of Sun-Glo # 5 Shuffleboard Powder Wax

It is a high-quality shuffleboard powder wax, formerly known as 5 Star. It is meant for professional usage. It is the best choice for shuffleboard tables having a length from 14 feet to 22 feet. It can make the playfield smooth and glossy so that the pucks could slide without any resistance. It gives better control of the pucks and an excellent gaming experience.

This shuffleboard pack offers two containers of shuffleboard powder. Each box contains 16oz powder. It provides medium speed. Players can easily control the direction of the pucks with this speed. It is also a perfect choice for tournaments as well as for home use.

The best thing about this shuffleboard powder wax is that its particles do not clump easily. It is safe for your shuffleboard table and does not damage the playfield. The best thing about this shuffleboard wax is that it has a low price compared to many other high-quality waxes.

It offers fantastic features, but you have to apply more wax if you have a large shuffleboard table of about 20 feet or 22 feet. So you need to pour more wax to push the pucks at a particular target.


  • Professional-grade shuffleboard powder wax.
  • It offers two containers at an affordable price.
  • The compound does not form a lump.
  • Provide medium speed.
  • The price is too low.


  • Need to use extra wax for large shuffleboard tables.

4. TORPSPORTS Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax

This shuffleboard wax provides medium speed for smoothly sliding the pucks on the shuffleboard table. It is manufactured of plastic particles with some quantity of nuts that make. It significantly reduces the friction of the playfield and helps the pucks to slide far away.

The set of TORPSPORTS speed shuffleboard powder wax comes with two cans of shuffleboard powder, each of 12oz. The cans have a shaker top that helps to sprinkle the shuffleboard wax conveniently. Besides, the set also contains a dustpan and a small broom. The broom and the dustpan help clean the shuffleboard table and remove extra wax if you accidentally pour too much of it. They are also helpful in recycling the shuffleboard powder so that you can use it multiple times.

This powder provides incredible speed to the pucks. But this feature is not suitable for short tables. If your shuffleboard table is 9 feet long, this shuffleboard wax is not for you. The speed of the pucks becomes too fast with just a little powder. You can choose some other wax from our list for your temporary table.


  • Plastic particles and groundnuts manufacture it.
  • This shuffleboard wax provides medium speed that is perfect for long tables.
  • It makes the pucks to slide smoothly on the playfield.
  • The set contains two shuffleboard wax cans, a dustpan, and a small broom.



  • This shuffleboard wax is not suitable for short shuffleboard tables.

5. Naissgo Shuffleboard Sand

This shuffleboard wax provides medium speed to the shuffleboard pucks and moves with accurate speed. It gives perfect control of the pucks to the players and directs them in a precise direction.

The Naissgo Shuffleboard sand comes with two cans of shuffleboard wax, each containing 14oz wax. The set also includes a dustpan and a mini broom to clean the table. The mini broom and the dustpan help recycle the wax. You can collect the shuffleboard wax after playing and can reuse it multiple times. You can adequately clean the corners of the shuffleboard table by using a mini broom and a dustpan.

The can is designed to sprinkle the wax conveniently. The can has holes at the top, so you don’t need to remove the whole lid. You can pour the wax out of these holes by rotating the cover. This is made explicitly for the shuffleboard tables, so using them on the floor or some other surface can cause damage.

The only limitation this shuffleboard wax has is that is not moisture-resistant. So, you need a lot of care for storing this wax. Other than this, all features are perfect for making it one of the best shuffleboard powders.


  • The medium speed is perfect for short as well as for large shuffleboard tables.
  • The set contains two cans of wax, a dustpan, and a mini broom.
  • The price is affordable.


  • This shuffleboard wax is not moisture-resistant.

6. Sun-Glo Speed # 3 Shuffleboard Table Powder

This shuffleboard wax is manufactured of silicone beads that reduce the friction between the pucks and the playfield. By reducing the friction, you can easily slide the pucks and glide in an accurate direction.

You can also purchase it with a solid wood shuffleboard sweep to spread the wax evenly across the table. The sweep is durable and helps a lot in cleaning the table. Each can of this wax contains 16oz shuffleboard wax. This is enough for playing shuffleboard table at home.

This shuffleboard wax provides a 03-speed rating. This offers medium speed for having the perfect shuffleboard table experience. This is not too fast, so you can play well on a shuffleboard table that is 9 feet long.

This shuffleboard wax works great for small shuffleboard tables but is not suitable for tables with a length of 12 feet or more. So, if you have a large shuffleboard table, you should consider some other wax.


  • It is made of silicone beads that work well for moving the pucks on the table.
  • It has a speed rating of 03 that is perfect for 9 feet shuffleboard table.
  • Available with a wooden shuffleboard sweep.
  • It is moisture-proof.


  • Not suitable for long shuffleboard tables.

7. Sun-Glo Speed # 6 Shuffleboard Table Powder Wax

This shuffleboard table wax provides medium speed perfect for small tables with a length of 9 feet or 12 feet. It offers precise control and speed to the pucks that help them glide accurately. You can also direct the pucks in the correct direction with this shuffleboard wax.

You can purchase this wax with or without the shuffleboard sweep. Buying it with a shuffleboard sweep can be a good idea as the sweep helps a lot to properly clean the table. You can remove all the powder with the high-quality carpet of the sweep.

Each can of this shuffleboard wax contains 16oz powder. The can have a shaker top that aids in sprinkling the wax across the shuffleboard table. The shaker top prevents the wastage of the powder.

Though this wax works great for small shuffleboard tables, it is not suitable for larger tables. It provides limited speed to the pucks that are not enough to achieve the target in long tables.


  • It provides accurate speed control on large tables.
  • Also available with shuffleboard sweep.
  • Each can contains 16oz wax.


  • Not suitable for long tables.

8. Sun-Glo # 2 Shuffleboard Powder Wax

This is a professional-grade shuffleboard table wax that provides you sleek and glossy playfield. It acts as a ball bearing and helps the pucks slide over a more considerable distance. This wax does not lump and is easy to use. It also prevents the playfield from damage due to friction.

Sun-Glo # 2 shuffleboard wax set comes with two cans of wax. Each can contain 16oz shuffleboard powder. This is also moisture-proof, so you don’t need to worry about storing it. You can conveniently use it even if the environment is moist. You can get it at an affordable price. You don’t need too much money for this wax.

It is professional-grade shuffleboard wax that you can apply to long tables. But it is not suitable for 9 feet tables as the pucks become too fast to control.


  • This provides enough speed for the pucks to move on a long shuffleboard table.
  • The set comes with two cans of wax.
  • Each can contains 16oz shuffleboard wax.
  • The price is affordable.


  • Not suitable for long shuffleboard tables.

9. Sun-Glo 5 Shuffleboard Powder Wax

This shuffleboard wax provides medium speed to the pucks. It reduces the friction between the pucks and the playfield of the shuffleboard. It also prevents the playfield from damaging due to friction. You can slide the pucks smoothly on the surface of the shuffleboard tables with this shuffleboard wax.

This wax is available in two sets. One set includes only a single can of 1oz shuffleboard wax. At the same time, the other group has two cans of shuffleboard wax and a Shuffleboard sweep. The sweep is made of durable material and helps properly clean the shuffleboard table, so it’s better to buy the second set.

It comes at an affordable price. You can get it by spending very little money and can make your game more enjoyable.

This shuffleboard is perfect for short tables, but you need to add too much of this wax for long tables. It’s better to choose some other wax for a long table.


  • Provide medium speed to the pucks.
  • Available with a shuffleboard sweep.
  • The price is too low.


  • Not suitable for long tables.

10. Sun-Glo Speed 7 Shuffleboard Powder Wax

This shuffleboard wax has the slowest speed that is perfect for short shuffleboard tables with 9 feet or 12 feet. It provides accurate control of the pucks. It helps direct the pucks in the targeted direction without any traction. It is made of silicone beads and groundnuts that provide accurate speed to the pucks for playing shuffleboard tables on short tables.

Like other Sun-Glo waxes, it is also moisture-proof. You can enjoy a shuffleboard table with this wax even if your environment has too much moisture. It comes in a container that contains 16oz shuffleboard wax. This wax is available at an affordable price.

This wax works well but is not suitable for long tables having a length of more than 12 feet.


  • Provide perfect speed to the pucks for playing on short shuffleboard tables.
  • It is moisture-proof.
  • Available at an affordable price.


  • It is not suitable for long tables.