Shuffleboard Game: Complete Guide

Spare time becomes more memorable and exciting if you have something enjoyable. Games can be the best ally for enjoying your spare time. But choosing a perfect game that you can play with your friends or family is not so easy. Most people search for a game that is easy to play as well as provides an exciting recreational experience. If you are also looking for a fun game, you should try the Shuffleboard game.

Shuffleboard game is a popular game that you can play at bars, clubs, and cruises. You can also make it a part of your home game room.

Shuffleboard can bring excitement to your game room and you can have more sweet memories with your friends and family.

The shuffleboard game is of two types. One is shuffleboard and the other is a shuffleboard table. If you don’t know much about shuffleboard games then cheer up.

You can learn and everything about shuffleboard, shuffleboard tables, how to play them, and what you need to play them. So read it till the end, so you don’t miss anything.


Shuffleboard is referred to as floor shuffleboard and is played on a flat floor of some hard material. It is a modernized form of ancient shovelboard game. Shuffleboard is played between two players.

Each player is provided with a set of four disks that the players have to slide on the court to score. Shuffleboard disks usually have a 6-inch diameter and a thickness of 1inch.

The weight of all disks is almost the same. Each disk weighs about 15 ounces. Two sets of eight disks are used. Four of them are of yellow color and the rest of the four are black.

Shuffleboard Cues

Players use shuffleboard cue to push the disks. The cues are aluminum or fiberglass sticks. Shuffleboard cues are long sticks with a length of 5 to 6 feet and ahead of 3 inches.

The head is 5 inches wide and curved. The curved front end is much like the shape of disks so; the disks can be pushed easily with the shuffleboard cues.

Shuffleboard Court

A Shuffleboard court is a rectangular-shaped area. The dimensions of the court vary, but usually, the length of the court is 52 feet and the width is 6 feet.

The shuffleboard scoring diagram consists of two isosceles triangles one on each side. The two triangles are pointed towards each other and are separated by a distance of 18 feet. Each triangle is divided into six scoring zones by straight lines.

The scoring zones are marked as 10, 8, 8, 7, 7, and 10-off. The shooting area is 6 feet on both sides of the court. The two lines divide the center and are no score zone.

10-off is the first scoring zone is adjacent to the shooting zone. After 10-off, comes two 8-scoring zones and then two 7-scoring zones. 8, 8, and 7, 7 zones are also divided by a central line. The 10 comes at the peak of the triangle.

How to Play Shuffleboard?

The shuffleboard game begins with a toss. The toss decides which player starts the game. The player who starts the game is provided with a yellow set of four disks. The other player is provided with a set of black disks.

The players use a stick known as a cue stick to push the disks from the shooting zone to another side of the court. The players strike their disks to slide them to the scoring zones on the other side.

First, Player-1 takes the turn and strikes the disk from one side of the court. After that, Player-2 pushes his/her disks. The players take turns until all the eight disks have shot. In the end, the player who has more points won the theme.

How Do You Score Shuffleboard?

For scoring shuffleboard, the players have to make a strategy. Shuffleboard is played by offense and defense strategy. The player who takes the turn first is on defense as the other player has the last shot.

For scoring in such a situation, you have to hide or block the disks. If your disk stops in a scoring zone, your opponent can knock off your disk, so hide it or block it so, your disk could stay safe.

In case, you have the second turn, you can easily score by knocking off the disks of your opponent. All you have to do is to push the disks of your opponent out of the scoring zone. Also, keep in mind to protect your own disks while knocking off your opponent’s disks.

While playing shuffleboard, keep in mind that your disk must be within a scoring zone. If a disk lies at the border, no point is considered.

If the disk falls in the 10-off scoring zone, a penalty of 5 off is given to the player. If the body of any player touches the 10-off zone, a penalty of 10 off is given to that player.

International Shuffleboard Association (ISA)

Shuffleboard Game

On 10th March 1979, International Shuffleboard Association was established. The purpose of this association was to promote shuffleboard games all over the world. The ISA World Championship started in 1981.

During the first championship, teams from Canada, the USA, and Japan took part. After some years, various other countries, including Australia, also took part in World Championship.

Passage of time numerous countries participated in the championships of ISA. The ISA World Championship takes place each year and lasts for a whole week.

Table Shuffleboard

Table games are the best choice if you want to play something exciting while staying within your house. There are numerous common table games, like billiards, ping pong games, or air hockey.

But if you want something more enjoyable and unique, make a shuffleboard table a part of your home game room. It is an exciting game and is easy to pick by anyone new to this game.

Table shuffleboard is referred to as indoor shuffleboard. It is much like shuffleboard. The main difference between the two is that the shuffleboard is played on the floor, while the table shuffleboard is played on the table.

In table shuffleboard, the players push the pucks by hand to send them to a particular scoring zone. Let’s learn more about table shuffleboard.

Table of Table Shuffleboard

A Shuffleboard table is usually made up of good-quality wood. The quality of wood determines the quality of the shuffleboard table. Mostly hardwood is used for making quality shuffleboard tables.

The playfield is usually has a finishing that makes it more smooth and glossy. The smoother the playfield is, the better you can play.

Table shuffleboard has three scoring zones marked at both ends of the table. The outermost scoring zone is marked as 3 scoring zone. The next scoring zone adjacent to it is labeled as 2 scoring zone.

The innermost scoring zone is marked as 1. The zone from the central line up to the boundary of 1 scoring zone is the foul zone.

How Long Is a Shuffleboard Table?

Just like the variation in quality, shuffleboard table sizes are also variable. The length of the table varies from 9 feet to 22 feet. You can find 9 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 16 feet, 18 feet, 20 feet, and 22 feet shuffleboard tables.

The choice of length of the table depends on you. The width of the shuffleboard table is usually 1.67 feet, but it also varies.

9 feet long shuffleboard tables are usually referred to as small-sized shuffleboard tables. Tables with a length of 12 feet, and 14 feet are medium-sized shuffleboard tables. While large shuffleboard tables have a length of 16 feet or more.

Professionals play on long shuffleboard tables that have a length of 22 feet. For a regular game, you can choose the size you like. Choose the size of the shuffleboard table according to the size of your home game room.

Shuffleboard Table Pucks

Various construction materials are employed for the manufacturing of the shuffleboard pucks. The pucks used in shuffleboard tables are usually made of metal or plastic or both.

Mostly, the lower portions of the pucks are made of stainless steel while the top cap is manufactured of colored ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic.

Shuffleboard pucks are also called weights. For table shuffleboard, two sets of shuffleboard pucks or weights are used. One set has red color pucks, while the other set consists of blue-colored pucks.

Shuffleboard weights also come in different shapes. You can find weights in flat, pointed, and cupped shapes. Each shape also gives a particular advantage while playing the game.

The flat-shaped pucks are the fastest and slide smoothly over the playfield. The pointed pucks are the slowest. Cupped-shaped pucks offer intermediate speed. Cupped-shaped shuffleboard table pucks have a speed faster than pointed weights, but slower as compared to flat ones.

Size Shuffleboard Pucks

When you go to purchase a shuffleboard table, you have to keep in mind the size of your home game room for choosing the perfect size. The same is the case with the shuffleboard pucks. The size of pucks is chosen depending on the size of the shuffleboard you have.

While purchasing pucks for your shuffleboard table, remember to choose the right size of the pucks. The wrong size of pucks can ruin your exciting experience.

Choosing the right size of pucks not only helps in providing a better game but also plays a significant role in developing the skills of playing shuffleboard tables. For the best experience, the size of your pucks must be compatible with the size of your table.

Two sizes of shuffleboard pucks are available in the market.

  • Some pucks come with a diameter of 0.9 inches.
  • Some have a diameter of two one-eighth inches.
  • While other has a diameter of two five-sixth inches.

Small Sized Shuffleboard Pucks

The pucks that have a diameter of 0.9 inches are small-sized pucks. They are also known as mini pucks. The mini pucks are used for playing on a small shuffleboard table.

Typically, they are suitable for a 9 feet shuffleboard table. Small home game rooms don’t have much space to accommodate a huge shuffleboard table.

Medium Sized Shuffleboard Pucks

Shuffleboard weights with a diameter of 2-1/8 inches are medium-sized pucks. They are used for tables having of medium size. Usually, medium-sized pucks are used to play on 12 feet or 14 feet long shuffleboard tables.

Large Sized Shuffleboard Pucks

Shuffleboard pucks also come with a diameter of 2-5/16 inches. Such pucks are called large pucks and are used for the professional game.

For professional tournaments, shuffleboard tables with a length of 20 feet and 8 inches are used so, they need large-sized pucks for accurate play.  Large shuffleboard pucks suit the shuffleboard tables having a length of 16 feet or more. You can use it for 16 feet, 18 feet, 20 feet, and 22 feet tables.

Shuffleboard Table Wax

Many people consider that shuffleboard might be some kind of semi-liquid material that is used for finishing the table shuffleboard.

But actually, it’s a powdered material that is spread on the tables for smooth gliding of shuffleboard weights. Shuffleboard wax is made of silicone balls that can decrease the friction between the surface of the playfield and the shuffleboard pucks. It also increases the speed of the shuffleboard wax.

It is one of the most essential accessories for table shuffleboard, as it affects the speed as well as the friction of the shuffleboard table. The table shuffleboard depends on the smoothness of the playfield.

If the surface of the playfield of the shuffleboard table is not smooth, the pucks can’t slide smoothly. It acts as ball-bearing while playing table shuffleboard. It reduces the resistance for the pucks and slides them effectively.

What is Shuffleboard Powder?

Most people think of shuffleboard powder and shuffleboard wax as different products, but they are the same thing. The shuffleboard wax is a powdery material that’s the reason it is also known as shuffleboard powder.

Shuffleboard wax also has some more names, like shuffleboard cheese, shuffleboard salt, shuffleboard table sand, speed powder, and shuffleboard dust.

What how Shuffleboard Powder made of?

In old times, shuffleboard powder was manufactured of sawdust. But in the 21st century, it is made of various materials.

Usually, shuffleboard table sand is made of dried silicone. Silicone beads are small round balls about the size of a point.

These silicone balls when sprinkled on the shuffleboard tables, they reduce the coefficient of friction of the playfield. Silicone beads make the playfield smooth and sleek for effective sliding of the shuffleboard weights. It is used for increasing the speed of the weights on the playfield.

Shuffleboard wax is also made from mixing various materials that reduce friction. One combination is silicone and cornmeal.

Some companies also made wax by using ground walnut shells. Professionals of the shuffleboard game also use a combination of shuffleboard waxes for enjoying a better play.

How to Apply Shuffleboard Powder?

Applying shuffleboard powder is quite easy. You don’t need to be a professional for spraying the shuffleboard powder on the table shuffleboard.

You can easily apply the shuffleboard powder to the table by employing the following steps.

Step # 01

In the first step, you have to thoroughly clean the table. Clear away all the dirt as well as the previous wax. You can do it by using a shuffleboard brush, or a clean towel.

Make a mixture of vinegar and water. Adding a few drops of wood polish or olive oil can further enhance the cleaning efficiency of the mixture. Dip the towel in the mixture and wipe all the dirt from the shuffleboard table.

Step # 02

In the second step, you have to spray the silicone spray on the table. Take the silicone spray and spray the whole shuffleboard table in a sweeping manner.

Allow the spray to settle on the surface for a while. After a few minutes, wipe the extra spray using the towel.

While choosing a silicone spray, keep in mind to purchase one that is specially meant for the shuffleboard table. Regular silicone spray can have a damaging impact on your shuffleboard table, so avoid using them.

Step # 03

After adding silicone spray, comes the step of sprinkling the shuffleboard wax. Take some shuffleboard powder in your hand and spread it all over the table.

Don’t pour the wax in your hand, if you are allergic to silicone or ground walnut. For avoiding allergy, read the ingredients of the shuffleboard wax from the box.

Waxing a Shuffleboard Table

For waxing table shuffleboard, you have to follow the procedure. It’s not a complicated task to add wax on the shuffleboard table, but it can ruin your gaming experience if you don’t add wax in the correct manner.

Shuffleboard powder comes in containers that usually have holes on the top for pouring out the wax. The holes are not too large, so you can easily take out the desired quantity.

While applying wax to your table shuffleboard, try to not add too much wax at once. Apply an adequate amount of wax and test it by sliding the pucks. Add more wax if you feel so. This method of applying shuffleboard wax can save your wax from getting wasted.

Applying an appropriate quantity of shuffleboard powder is very important. Excessive wax can make the shuffleboard wax too fast.

It becomes too hard to control the direction of the weights on the table and achieve the target. Too little wax can also have a bad impact on your game.

Lesser shuffleboard powder not only reduces the friction between the pucks and the sliding surface but also damages the playfield.

Maintenance of a Shuffleboard Table

For maintaining a shuffleboard table, it is necessary to keep it clean and tidy. For thoroughly cleaning the table, use the following measures.


The first and foremost step for maintaining a shuffleboard table is to keep it clean all the time. Remove all the stains and dirt from the playfield and the surface. You can employ a power washer for this purpose. The power washer can eliminate all the stains and remove the debris.

Apply the Muriatic acid, if the stains don’t go away with the power washer. Apply a diluted acid. Concentrated acid can damage the wood of the table, leaving you in dire need to replace the table.

For perfect cleaning, take one part of acid, and four parts of water. Protect your hands as well as your eyes while applying this mixture to the table. You can use a cloth or towel for applying the mixture to the table.


Before conducting the refining procedure, completely dry the court. Take a shuffleboard stripper and apply it to the table.

Read the instructions on the container of the stripper for accurately applying it. Apply one or two coats of concrete sealer after the stripper is dried. Allow it to dry for about 45 minutes.


After the concrete sealer dries, comes the time to pour shuffleboard powder on the table. Apply adequate wax to keep the table shuffleboard smooth.

How to Play Shuffleboard Table?

The players are provided with four pucks and the players have to slide pucks one by one to the other side of the table. The players take turns one by one and slide the one puck at a time.

Each player slides the puck by hand to the opposite end of the table aiming to score the point. The players try to bump off the pucks of their opponent and protect their pucks from bumping off.

Points are scored when the pucks stop in a scoring zone. For a point to score, the pucks must completely lie within the boundary of the scoring zones.

If a puck slides and stops at the edge of the scoring zone 3, partially hanging at the edge, it is called a hanger. It receives a point of 4.

However, if the puck stops at the corner of the end, the player receives no points. At the end of the game, the player who has pucks closer to the end is given an additional point. The other pucks are not given any point.

How Do You Score Table Shuffleboard?

For table shuffleboard scoring the players use their hands instead of any kind of stick. Each team is provided with a set of four weights that they have to slide on the table shuffleboard.

The players aim to slide the pucks farther to the opposite end. While sliding the pucks, the players push their pucks to a higher scoring zone by preventing the pucks from bumping off.

One-on-One Table Shuffleboard

One-on-one table shuffleboard is played between two players. Each player is assigned a set of particular colored pucks. The game starts from one end of the table and the players alternately take turns to slide their pucks.

The players try to stand their pucks closest to the other end of the table and knock off the other player’s pucks. Blocking the pucks from a hit by opponents is also an aim while shooting the pucks.

Team Table Shuffleboard

Team table shuffleboard, players play the game by a team of two. Usually, in a team table shuffleboard, players play at both ends of the table. Each player has two pucks for scoring.

Players of the same team can also switch their sides. The game proceeds by alternately shooting the pucks. All the other rules are the same for the team table shuffleboard as in a one-on-one game.

Shuffleboard Rules

Shuffleboard game is played in different formats. Let’s talk about some of the best shuffleboard game formats and their rules.

·       Knock-off Shuffleboard Rules

This game can be played as a one-on-one or team shuffleboard game. The game begins with a toss. The player or team who wins the toss decides about the hammer. Hammer is the final and the beneficial shot of the game that can be a game-changer.

The other player or team starts the game by pushing the weights. The players shot t pucks alternately for scoring. The game continues until all the eight pucks are used.

The hammer changes, if the team with the hammer in the first round fails to score. The game ends when one of the two teams scores15 points.

One point is scored when a weight lies between the foul line and the scoring zone 2. When the weight lies between the line of scoring zone 1 and the beginning line of the scoring zone 3, two points are scored. When the weight lies in the scoring zone 3, three points are given to the respective team.

·       Horse Collar Shuffleboard Rules

This game is also played as a singles competition or as a team of two. You can play it as a team of 4 or 8. The main aim of the horse collar shuffleboard is to score more than 51 points. The game ends, when one of the two teams score more than 51.

In this shuffleboard game, each team is given eight pucks. One team plays first and then the pucks are given to the other team. A foul line is determined before starting the game. Any weight that lands on the foul line does not count. Also, it can’t be played again in the same turn.

The scores are not counted unless a weight lands on scoring zone 3. 1 point is scored when the weight lands between the foul line and the deuce line. 2 points are scored when the weight lies between the deuce line and the line after the deuce zone (trey line). 3 points are scored when the weight lies between the trey line and the end of the board. 13 points are scored when the weight hangs off the end of the board. 26 points are scored when the weight hangs off at the corner of the board beyond the trey line. No points are counted if weight falls off the gutter of the shuffleboard table.

·       Crazy Eight Shuffleboard Rules

This shuffleboard game is a singles game. A crazy eight shuffleboard game can be played between two or more players. The first player slides all the eight pucks. Then comes the turn of the next player.

The game is played until a player scores 15, 21, or more points. The next player has to score more than that. The players have to score more to win the game.

Scoring is almost the same as in a knock-off shuffleboard game. The only difference between the two is that four pucks must be thrown at a time. The four pucks must stay on the board.

In the next step, the player has to knock off all the pucks with the help of the remaining four pucks. The rest of the scoring scheme is the same as that of the knock-off shuffleboard game.

·       Rules for Official Shuffleboard Tournament

Following are the rules for an official shuffleboard tournament:

  • Before the start of the match and after the match the players shake hands.
  • Usually, each game is of fifteen points. In a few cases, the points are specified.
  • The short foul line rule is followed in each game.
  • The hammer switches between the team, in case of no scoring by the team having the hammer in around.
  • If weight is in danger of falling, it can be made safe at the request of the player. In such a case, an outdistancing weight of the same color is not counted.
  • A player can wax the table only at his/her turn, before the completion of a frame. All other waxing is done by the officials of the tournament.
  • Players are not allowed to have drinks, cigarettes, or other eatables in their mouths while shooting a weight.
  • A toss is made by flipping the coin before the game for deciding which team will play first.
  • If a team or player having the hammer chooses to play first, they have to complete the frame in the same rotation.
  • Players can use their shuffleboard pucks. The pucks must have red and blue caps. The players can’t offer their pucks to another team. The officials of the tournament check the pucks. They also have the authority to disallow the players to use their pucks for the game.
  • If a player wants to examine the position of a puck, he/she can walk to the opposite end of the table.
  • All shuffleboard tables are sprayed with shuffleboard wax in the morning before the start of the events.
  • The players must respect all the players on their adjacent board.
  • One point penalty is given in case of blasting. The penalty is given without any warning.
  • If you see wax on weight or some other place, you have to ask an official for wiping it.
  • The players have to stand behind their rivals while their rival is having a turn. In case of any disobedience to this rule, a warning is given and after that, a point is deducted.
  • If a player changes the weight from one board to another, he/she will be disqualified.
  • The officials disqualify a player in case of altering any weight, wax, or board.
  • You can practice at any table before the start of an event. Once the event starts, you can’t practice on any shuffleboard table.
  • The players are not allowed to play consecutive games on the same shuffleboard table in a day.
  • All the players have to follow the general rules of good sportsmanship.
  • If a player makes a scene on an official’s decision, or abuse any official, he/she will be disqualified.
  • It is the responsibility of every player to report the abuse of any rule to the officials of the tournament.

How to Build a Shuffleboard Table?

Many table shuffleboard enthusiasts want to build their shuffleboard tables. If you are also eager to build a shuffleboard table, then here is the way. Follow the steps to build quality shuffleboard for your home game room.

1.  Choosing the Material for the Shuffleboard Table

Before starting the construction, you have to get a durable material for your table. You can use MDF for this purpose as it is not too costly.

Join the MDF and reinforce it so, it could not break. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that it seals correctly. To construct a strong shuffleboard table, it is necessary to ensure the strength of the MDF.

If you want to construct a durable shuffleboard table, get hardwood for your table. The wood of mahogany, maple, and oak can also work well. These types of woods though are costly but are the perfect choice for building a durable shuffleboard table.

2.  Make Some Shuffleboard Diagrams

After choosing the material, comes the step of making shuffleboard diagrams. It is necessary to estimate the dimensions of the shuffleboard table.

If you don’t know how to make the shuffleboard diagrams, you can get some from the internet. You can also get shuffleboard plans from the internet for your assistance.

3.  Construct the Cradle and Playing Surface

Now seal the surface you want to. After sealing, make curling rings. You can make the curling rings with paper. Measure the diameters, and trace the curing rings for this purpose.

After making the curling rings, make the box. After assembling the box, add support to the box. Then lay OBF material in the box.

Make sure that the ends of the surface are even and smooth. Fix them if you feel them uneven or rough. You can also carpet the surface of the shuffleboard table if you want to build a luxurious table.

Lay bars in the box for additional support. Adding bars will give unbelievable support to your shuffleboard table.

4.  Building Legs

After constructing the playing surface, comes the step of building the legs of the table. Carefully measures the dimensions of the legs from the shuffleboard diagram.

Measurements must be accurate as any faulty construction can lead you to a huge loss. After constructing the legs, make holes and hammer the height adjusters in them.

After making the legs, attach them to the table. Apply the finishing on the entire surface of the shuffleboard table. Allow the finishing to dry for two days.

5.  Installing Climate Adjuster

When it comes to climate adjusters, it is better to buy one than to make one by yourself. Buy a good-quality climate adjuster and install it on your table.

If you don’t want to waste your time and yourself from hassle, you can buy a shuffleboard table from the market. You can purchase premium-quality shuffleboard from the market according to your budget.

Champion Shuffleboard

If you are searching for purchasing the best table shuffleboards, Champion Shuffleboard can help you. Champion Shuffleboard is the number one manufacturer of premium-quality shuffleboard tables.

Since 1988, Champion has been building the best shuffleboards for shuffleboard enthusiasts all over the world.

Champion Shuffleboard has a huge variety of shuffleboard tables. You can get a table shuffleboard made of various materials and sizes. From small 12 feet, shuffleboard tables to professional 22 feet log shuffleboard tables, Champion builds all sizes.

Handicap Scoring System

Champion Shuffleboard also has a significant contribution to the popularity of shuffleboard games. There was a time when people thought shuffleboard was an “Old Person Game”. Only professional players played it at that time. But today, it has become a fun game for people of all ages.

Champion also developed the handicap scoring system in addition to the traditional scoring system. Calculating the scores is much easier and faster by the handicap scoring system. Players can play more games and have more money in a shorter time with it.


Also, Champion provides you with all information you need for buying a good-quality shuffleboard table. Champion also owns Sun-Glo Corporation.

Sun-Glo is famous for the manufacturing of shuffleboard accessories. Its shuffleboard accessories are also used for professional tournaments and competitions.

If you are also a shuffleboard enthusiast, you should visit Champion Shuffleboard. Get a shuffleboard table for your home game room from Champion Shuffleboard, and make it more enjoyable with the Sun-Glo accessories.